Grady + Kara's Scandinavian-Style Belltown Wedding / by Cassandra Croft

We knew we liked Grady and Kara as soon as we met them at Cupcake Royale over coffee and Rachel's Ginger Beer. We showed them our style guide and they gave us their invitation, and I knew we were made for each other.

Kara emphasized the importance of the authenticity and intimacy of her wedding day; a small, sacred gathering in beautiful spaces. It felt like a wedding day pared down to its essentials: love, family, friends, light, food—a Scandinavian feel. They made it almost too easy for us, with their magical love and perfectly planned day.

The feeling of the day was simple. Kara looked like an Anthropologie spread, and every space matched her beauty. We started in the light, airy rooms of Belltown's Ace Hotel, then stole them away to the architectural Seattle Public Library for a game of escalator merry-go-round. Though the couple warned us that they don't like being the center of attention, they were naturals on camera—Grady even surprised us with a few playful ideas of his own. Their ceremony brought family & friends together in the quiet, lofty courtyard of Boat Street Kitchen, which was a dream to photograph (and the food—beyond heavenly). We're so grateful to have worked with such a beautiful couple on this perfect, rainy Sunday. 

Locations: Ace Hotel / Seattle Public Library / Boat Street Kitchen

And this little girl. Could she be any cuter?