Snoqualmie Falls with Aubree + Gage / by yunkin keophomma

When love just feels like a dream it always reminds me of the album "HEAVEN" by The Blinda Butchers. It's hard to shake such dreamy love when you're so immersed into someone else, especially when you know that person feels the same way. Aubree & Gage have something clearly special, I can't help but be flooded by such powerful emotions while photographing and editing this session.

We all search so hard in our lives to find something so pure and i'm glad I have the opportunity to photograph all that magic between lovers. I truly enjoy all my clients and I think they gravitate towards me because the way I view LOVE and all of it's infinite beauties, they know I can help them capture it in the purest form. 

There has been plenty of emotions lately with the final transition of North x North to Seattle this May. Everything will settle in soon and start to balance out, but for now creativity is the drive I need to keep all of this grounded.

Here's a preview of the album, feel free to play while viewing the session. :)