Meghan + Eric Couple Shoot / by Cassandra Croft

This week we had the pleasure of photographing two of my favorite people (who happen to be a beautiful couple)—Meghan Hartley and Eric Hole. 

Gonna brag about Meghan a little here. Meghan's a talented graphic and production designer raised in Colorado and based in Seattle. When we're not out hiking, brunching at Linda's on Saturdays, or laughing about our workweek over her homemade cocktails, Meghan is working on a host of creative projects.

Her big project right now is a blog called The Creative Unconscious, born of the single question: how does one grapple with a full-time creative profession and personal creative pursuits at once? She explores the heart of creativity (with gestures to Jungian theory) through interviews with influential and inspiring artists—both friends and admired acquaintances. Each post is a gem of insight into the creative process and unconscious motivations of some pretty talented people. 

We stole Meghan and Eric for two evenings, chasing the light through both the Washington Park Arboretum and the thinning-out, magic hour streets of Pioneer Square. 

- Cassandra