Caroline Polachek's Classic-Meets-Futuristic Wedding / by Cassandra Croft

If you could see inside my head
Where every clock is stopped by you
— Izzit True What They Tell Me

Among my idols in the art world is Caroline Polachek, demigoddess of synthpop, half of the band Chairlift, creator of Ramona Lisa (it's possible that I played nothing other than the album Arcadia in 2015).

I love Polachek for so many reasons unrelated to wedding photography. That said, her music is  classical in form and futuristic in feel, which is also how she described her wedding dress.

Caroline Polachek & Patrick Wimberly (Chairlift). Photo:   Noah Rabinowitz  Source: Vogue

Caroline Polachek & Patrick Wimberly (Chairlift). Photo: Noah Rabinowitz Source: Vogue

Of course, CP married the equally amazing Ian Drennan (architect & musician), and designed a wedding as splendid as anything else she touches. A few details I just can't get over:

  1. Location, wardrobe and ceremony were inspired by a shared love for Chinese film and architecture. They married in the Chinese garden of Snug Harbor, chosen for its otherworldly feel and illusory distance from the nearby city. 
  2. Palette: indigo, ivory and orange, inspired by autumn and two persimmons shared when the couple first met
  3. They were married by Caroline's opera teacher
  4. Caroline's friend Maayan Zilberman wrote their placecards (important bc Zilberman is a total babe—lingerie designer, baker, and inventor of fantastically shaped chewing gum)
  5. Her sister's red & pink color blocked dress by Andrea Toscano
  6. Their cake was—I'm not kidding—shaped like a SERPENT. CP's second look was equally Egyptian with elaborate gold jewelry and gold bells threaded through a long braid.
  7. She engraved their rings with "I Love Our World"—a plainly beautiful sentiment, and also the title of a beautiful instrumental track off the Arcadia album.

All photos by Noah Rabinowitz. I love the clean, editorial look of the shoot—simple and elegant.

Obviously, every detail was amazing. More from Vogue