New Gallery Interface With Cloud Spot! / by yunkin keophomma

After using SmugMug for years we've decided to look for a refreshing, more user-friendly platform. SmugMug served its purpose well as a gallery manager, but we want a platform that balances user experience with great design.


After seeing more and more young entrepreneurs become interested in wedding photography, we've observed something great happen. This younger generation is more than just talented—it's highly tech-proficient as well. Bring design knowledge, coding, engineering, software building to the mix and you get something like Cloud Spot. Designed by photographers with everything that we need and nothing we don't. 


We know our clients want easy navigability and simple, visually appealing design. This new platform does all that with an interface optimized for photography. It excels in its options for delivery to clients, such as the gallery weblink—the option to send a gallery and download link distinguishes Cloud Spot from SmugMug. 


We're impressed and we know our clients will be as well. 

The clients will receive this beautiful layout right in their email. It's user friendly and an improvement to a plaint-text link. 

It will direct them to this elegant cover page where they can enter their gallery.

From here the client(s) can select any size they want, zoom in, download, purchase prints, etc.

We're excited to start sending these to all our clients moving forward. 

(We would like to thank Jessica & Stefan for being our first guinea pigs!)